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How to Kill Mildew with Hydrogen Peroxide

How to Kill Mildew with Hydrogen Peroxide

What is Mildew?

Powdery mildew is a disease usually affecting plant leaves but can be seen on the surface of fruit, and the stem as well. It is caused by fungus, but not just one species, but a number from the order Erysiphales, with the most common being Sphaerotheca fuliginea. It is important to identify powdery mildew before taking action, which is really easy to do. Powdery mildew has many different strains so maybe expressed differently at each instant but will be tackled the same each time. As the name suggests quite powdery looking, resembling baby powder over the top of your plant. In the early stages it can be represented as white dots almost like cotton, but as the disease progresses it will be like blotches of powder on areas of your plant. It is spread by spores that the fungus produce and is why basic hygiene is very important. Early identification can be done via analytical techniques such as PCR, before the systems even start to show, but prevention is always easier than the cure!

Why Hydrogen Peroxide? 

Since the 1800s Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) has been used in health care, sterilisation and hospitality, it is a key ingredient in many household brands. Because of its antibacterial and anti-fungal nature, it is often used to clean wounds, drinking water and food.  

When peroxide comes in contact with bacterial microbes it bubbles and you can actively see it being decomposed into oxygen and water. This release of the negatively charged oxygen free radical, is what breaks down the cell membraneHydrogen peroxide can kill 99.99% of all bacteria it comes into contact with, the pathogens release a chemical that binds to the free oxygen atoms of H2O2 to ultimately oxidise and kill it.

The solution strength only needs to be 3 to 10% which is more than capable of killing various types of plant disease without leaving any damaging residue. Higher doses can be used in extreme circumstances, but we recommend mixing be left to the professionals, a good solution safe for plants is Silver Bullet Mist. 

Why Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide? 

Silver Bullet Mist is the most advanced silver stabilised Hydrogen peroxide solutions around. It is also one of the most stable and pure silver stabilized solution on the market. Our testing showed it eliminates a very wide spectrum of bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, amoebae. Over time Silver bullet naturally decomposes to water after it has reacted with the microbe. The sterilisation reaction leads to the release of oxygen into the nutrient solution. Thisincrease in oxygen produces an increase in nutrient uptake, stimulating growth rates further. The key here is, the solution is not only designed to eliminate all microbes, but also excels plant growth, making it actually good for your crops, unlike traditional pesticides and home remedies. 

Step by Step treatment of Powdery mildew:

  1. When you want to treat powdery mildew you have to be able to identify what you are looking for. If it is early on it will look like small white dots. Are more developed a case would look like baby powder over the top of leaves and stems. There are tests which can be performed before the signs show, this involves a molecular biology laboratory which performs PCR or a microbiology lab, but in most cases self diagnosis is enough.  
  2. Now that you have Identified the mildew, you want to go to your nearest grow shop to pick up a bottle of Silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide. Silver bullet mist is different from other basic hydrogen peroxide solutions, the silver infused formula allows it to be effective for longer and is the most eco friendly. It also comes in a ready made spray bottle so there is no need for home mixing, and risking your plants health with self made remedies. 
  3. First lift your light up and/or turn the intensity down to prevent burning of the leaves. Put on rubber gloves and goggles. Safety is always important; you only have one set of eyes!!
  4. Spray over the top and under your leaves, making sure you cover as much of it as possible, remember Silver Bullet kills 99.99% of the microbes, and releases oxygen into your plant environment which is great for you and your plant. 
  5. Repeat every 3 days. Once the disease is eliminated, we suggest you continue spraying for the next 3 days to make sure any young spores don’t take off.